Snow White (1937)

Snow White

Snow White was brought to life in 1937 as Walt Disney’s first female in a feature length animated film. Adriana Caselotti gave her voice to the first Disney Princess and was under contract by Walt Disney himself to not appear in any other media.

Appearance & Personality

Easily distinguishable from her short black hair, bright red lips and blue and yellow dress, we find ourselves with an iconic figure who’s enchanted lives for many years since the release of her film.


Not only is she an obvious beauty, but she’s also at one with nature with an incredible personality. Throughout the film we see Snow White playing with the birds and various other animals like in this video for instance:

We see other films like Dreamworks’ Shrek pay homage to this movie moment when Princess Fiona sings with a bird in the forest:

At one point, the animals of the forest even help Snow White with cleaning the house!

Snow White’s main characteristics are;

  • Pure hearted
  • Innocent
  • Naïve
  • Cheerful
  • Kind

Snow White never loses faith that one day her true love will come and take her away. She seems to be an optimist, who will always see the bottle half full, no matter how bad things may seem. As a born dreamer, she loves helping people less fortunate than herself and never judges others by the way they look, sound, etc. And with a kind, gentle and feminine nature, she follows her heart and does what she feels is the right thing even if it can lead her into trouble. For example, she helps a suspicious, ugly old hag (who was actually the Evil Queen in disguise) by bringing her into the cottage after Grumpy told her not to let anyone in to protect herself.

She sees the beauty in everyone and everything, almost to a fault, but through it all she’s a good person with a huge heart and a motherly soul that can charm anyone, even Grumpy.

These traits make Snow White a figure which any girl should aspire to be like although i’d recommend that they venture out and find their own ‘Prince’ instead of waiting until they’re rescued from a glass coffin.

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  1. the oldest princess in Disney

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