Pocahontas Movie Plot

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In 1607, a ship of British settlers of the Virginia Company sets sale to the “New World”. Onboard the ship are Captain John Smith, and the voyage’s leader Governor Ratcliffe, who believes the local Native Americans are hiding a vast collection of gold and seeks to gain it for his own.

In the local tribe in the New World, Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan, dreads being possibly wed to Kocoum, a brave warrior who she sees as too “serious” when conflicting with her spirited personality. Chief Powhatan gives Pocahonatas her mother’s necklace as a present. Pocahontas, along with her friends, the gluttonous raccoon Meeko, and hummingbird Flit, visit Grandmother Willow, a spiritual talking willow tree who alerts her to the presence of the Englishmen.

Governor Ratcliffe has a fortress built in a wooded clearing, naming it James Town, and quickly has the crewmen begin digging for gold. Smith departs to explore the wilderness, and eventually encounters Pocahontas, the two quickly bonding, fascinated by each other’s worlds. The two end up falling in love, contradicting with Chief Powhatan’s orders to keep away from the men, after Kocuom and other warriors engage the men in a fight.

Pocahontas introduces Smith to Grandmother Willow, and avoids two other crewmen. However, Pocahontas’ friend Nakoma discovers her relationship with Smith and warns Kocuom. Thomas also follows Smith, and both he and Kocuom witness the two kissing. In a jealous rage, Kocuom attacks and tries to kill Smith but is himself killed by Thomas. An enraged Chief Powhatan declares war on the crewmen, and Smith is to be executed at sunrise.

Thomas warns the crewmen of Smith’s capture, Ratcliffe rallying the men to go to battle as an excuse to remove the tribe and find their non-existent gold. Pocahontas goes to Grandmother Willow, but Meeko hands her a compass which points her in the direction of Smith, leading to her destiny. She successfully stops Smith’s execution, but Ratcliffe tries to shoot Chief Powhatan in anger, Smith taking the bullet. Ratcliffe is captured and arrested by the crewman. In the end, Smith is forced to return home to get treatment, with Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan’s blessing to return in the future.

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