Original Cinderella Story

The history of Cinderella herself is unknown but the earliest datable version of the Cinderella story occurs in a Chinese book written about 850-860 AD. The earliest European version of the tale was published in Italy in 1634. In 1697 Perrault introduced the story familiar to most Americans, “Cinderella”, or “The Tale of the Little Glass Slipper” in his Histories or Tales of Past Times. Disney adapted the Perrault version for his animated feature, the most popular Cinderella story and NOT, the Grimm Brothers’ story as many believe.

The story appears in almost every language and has had more than 700 variations over the centuries – some very early editions like the Grimm Brothers’ have one of the Ugly Sisters hacking her toes of with a crude, blunt instrument in an attempt to make the glass slipper fit her foot.

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