Cinderella (1950)



Cinderella was the second Princess to be brought to life by Walt Disney and she lasted for two sequels afterwards. Voiced by Ilene Woods, Cinderella is considered to be the most memorable Disney Princess.

Appearance & Personality

Cinderella is a lovely girl in her late teen years with shoulder-length, bouncy blonde hair done in a French twist as seen with her iconic gown. Her eyes are a lovely shade of blue and she has rosy pink lips. Her small feet are ideal to her famous glass slippers, of which the famous character she is based on is most well-known for.

Just like Snow White, Cinderella is also at one with nature as her only friends are animals, including the two mice Gus and Jaq.  These animals are extremely kind to Cinderella and help her in any way possible because they receive the same treatment from her.

As you can see in the video below, the mice and birds set to work to revamp Cinderella’s mother’s old dress in order for her to have something to wear to the Prince’s ball.

Cinderella’s main characteristics;

  • Shy
  • Romantic
  • Hopeful
  • Strong-willed
  • Determined
  • Hard-working
  • Positive
  • Kind

Cinderella is made a servant in her own home and is constantly derided by her evil stepmother Lady Tremaine and two stepsister. She is hopeful to the idea that someday her wishes of happiness will come true and that she’ll find her own prince.

When her evil step sisters and stepmother prevent her from going to the ball, she is unhappy and fears that her dreams will never come true. However, her Fairy Godmother appears and restores hope. In her childhood, she hardly went to play with other children because of her dreams about the Prince. She adores the mice and birds as her friends.

When the invitation to the royal ball arrives, she does everything she can to persuade her stepmother that she has every right to attend.

Cinderella is the model of a down-trodden girl who manages to strike it lucky and regain the life she deserves.

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